Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

We had a very busy Halloween today. Both boys had parties at school and of course both boys wanted us to be at both parties. We managed though!!

First we got to Logan's party and they were headed out to recess... Burrrrr. It was cold here today. Here is Logan on the swings... ooops I mean The Hulk on the swings =)

Then here's The Hulk, just hanging out on the play ground... Apparently when you are The Hulk you automatically stand this way =)

This is the newest way to play tether ball. I love the look on his face!

I love this shot!

This is what you do with that pesky face mask when you are in class and trying to be respectful...

Pin the face on the Mummy!

This is the end result =)

Ben's class didn't play games... they got down to business and ATE! Then they listened to music then it was time to go home!! Yea for me. I'm not feeling well, so am not in the Halloween mood this year.

Here is Hubby. He had a good time at the parties too! I think in this picture he is trying to think of a way to wrestle that pixie stick from Ben's grasp... good luck!

Then later this evening my Mom had a Halloween party at her house too! Yea! We didn't have to go out trick-or-treating this year. I love that =)

On our way to the party...

We saw a penguin on vacation there... this was the CUTEST costume!!

Logan loved it too...

Everyone had to dress up... Doesn't Angus look thrilled to be a Bumble Bee?

I wonder what he is thinking here???

This is what a tired Bumble Bee looks like. She is my little sister's puppy...

We hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!! But I'm very glad it's over. LOL


TMI said...

CUTE costumes! Those little bees are adorable - and the Hulk is 'incredible' ;o)

Mindy said...

Thank you! The boys had to make their own costumes this year. I think they did a great job too =) I'm off to see how your Halloween was!