Thursday, October 30, 2008


Video Gaming is serious business around our household. I'm not kidding. These boys of mine take it very seriously.

If Hubby is playing one of his shoot 'em up kill 'em games and I step in front of the TV... HOLY MOLY the world, as we know it, is ending!!! "Move!! Get out of the way! I can't see what I'm doing."

Now me, being me, I simply MUST stand in front of the TV at least some of the time while he is playing. I guess I'm a sucker for the drama =)

If I need to talk to Hubby or ask a question while he is playing... good luck. It's as if I, the boys and the house don't even exist any more. It's all Hubby and the Game. Geesh!

The little boys spend more time deciding which guys to be when they play their video games.

"Dead Pool, Dead Pool!! We haven't tested his powers yet!" yells out the 6 year old. The little boys will pause the game to switch around guys. Apparently that's the most fun part. They do it constantly when playing Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. Now they have a new one with the Marvel Characters in it. Don't ask me the name of it! I don't know the first thing about playing these silly boy games =)

Hubby has a very hard time playing with them. There is usually A LOT of fighting and bossing and yelling. And inevitably someone will come tattle tale. Usually one of the little boys, but every so often it's Hubby. Holy Moly. Everyone is 7 years old when they are playing video games.

Thank goodness I have a rule. The only time video games are allowed is on weekends and then only for an hour each day. I really couldn't put up with this for much longer than that! I think I would pull all my hair out and end up in an insane asylum, wait that may happen to me anyway!!

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Darcy @ LWM3B said...

We are a no video game household for many of the reasons you just said. Yuck.

Thankfully my hubby backs me on this one, and isn't a fan of video games, either.

We do like board games and the Scene It games, and Monopoly can get rowdy around here!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.