Monday, October 13, 2008

Kids are so much fun!

My Boys, Ben and Logan

Driving home from Missoula last night was an absolute hoot!

I just love how the boys pronounce some things. Like emenies (instead of enemies) and maizageen (instead of magazine).

On the way home Ben, our oldest at 7 years old, was reading us his jokes from the back seat. We were asked the questions, then he would wait and see if we could guess the answer. Craig answered some correctly like,

"What kind of dog is the best at telling time?"
Answer: A watch dog!


"What do prisoners use to call each other?"
Answer: A cell phone!

Logan, our youngest at 6 years old, was feeling very sad and teary eyed because he couldn't guess any of the answers and Daddy was 'winning'. So Ben started whispering the answers to him so he could get some 'points' too.

The next question was
"Why did the teacher have crossed eyes?"
Logan called out the answer: Because she couldn't control her pupilis (pronounced pup-il-is)

Craig and I laughed and laughed because of course it was supposed to pupils =)

Kids are way more fun that T.V.....

Oh and guess what I learned in Kindergarten this morning!? We were learning about the letter 'B'. The kids and I were talking about what words start with the letter B. Bat, Ball, Bus and then the cutest little boy called out "BEER!" I said "Oh, yes. Very good." Then he proceeded to get a little more detailed. "Beer makes you strong." He said. I said "Who told you that?" (knowing full well!!) and he proudly said, "My Daddy, he says Beer makes you strong and sometimes it makes you drunk."

See... Way better than T.V.

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