Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Selling a House is Hard To Do...

Today our Realtor brought out some other Realtors' from the company that she works for. They went through our house and gave her a list of things that they would improve to help us sell our house. The hard part is hearing that the very thing that I'm so proud of about my house, is the thing they would change =(

All my rooms are painted bright cheery colors. Our living room is sunshine yellow, with a wall of spiced pumpkin. Our bathrooms are lime green. Our boys' room is Caribbean Blue. Very beachy and bright! Our bedroom is purple =) In the dark, overcast winter my house brings me such joy. I'm so sad that the other Realtors' didn't appreciate my color pallet.

At the same time I understand that to sell the house, I need to let it go. So, if we need to paint it, to make it more appealing to a new potential buyer, then we will. And I won't get teary about it!! No way!

I will just plan to paint my new house bright cheery colors!! There is always a silver lining if you look hard enough...

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