Wednesday, October 22, 2008

On our way to town today...

Boy did I get an ear full on the way to town this afternoon! All 3 boys had stories to tell =)

First Ben decided that,
"We should call our wee wees (I'm sure you can guess what that is!) worms... get it!?"

Yep, that's my son! I'm very proud. One day both boys told me all the different names for their 'stuff'. The one that sticks in my brain right now is, cranberries... Oh man!!! I laughed and laughed!!! I can't wait to tell them all about this when they are older and introducing me to their girlfriends =)

The next story came from Hubby...

He is telling me about picking up the boys from school. They took a little time and went to play on the playground. I was home shampooing the carpet and so he wanted to keep the boys out of the house for awhile. Such a thoughtful Hubby!

While playing a little boy came up to Hubby and asked, "Are you Ben's daddy?"

Hubby said he was...

Then the little boy said, "You're cooler than my daddy!"

Hubby says, "Oh, I'll bet your daddy is pretty cool."

Little boy says, "Well he's a little cool, but you're WAY cooler!"

This totally made Hubby's day! Sheesh, now look what I'm going to have to put with =)

Last comes Logan.

We are almost home and I hear a little voice from the backseat...
"Is Barack Obama an alien?"

Well... how to answer that one!? Of course I assured him that he is not an alien.

(On a side note, I don't like either Obama or McCain. I'm a Ron Paul supporter.)


Meaghan said...

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Feeth said...

How funny about your last story, Logan's? My daughter Kylee talks about "Mr. Obama" a lot too. Makes you wonder what they are telling the kids in school about the elections and the candidates!

Betty said...

Don´t you just love kids?

Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday and making my BATW day so great!

TMI said...

I love those geese pictures! I wish I lived on a ladybug farm. =)