Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Good Luck Chuck Girl

My cousin calls me the Good Luck Chuck Girl. Have you seen the movie called "Good Luck Chuck"? It's pretty funny! The girl in that movie always has 'interesting' things happen to her. She trips and falls, she spills food on herself. You know, stuff like that! That's me.

The other day I asked my hubby to help me bring in the Angora Goats. These particular goats are a little on the wild side. They bound and leap at the end of the lead rope, making it very fun to lead them from one place to another. So he said he would help! Thankfully, it's quite a site watching me "lead" these two goats around =)

We got them to the pen they spend the night in. Craig's phone rang, I unhooked my goat from the lead. I went to unhook his goat, he is still on the phone... his goat turns towards me and.... BANG! He head butts me right in the face. Somehow I'm unhurt, but knocked flat on my butt!

I had a hold of his collar and he was leaping and bounding about, with me holding onto him, sitting on my butt, wearing a skirt, in the goat poop. Craig is still on the phone. I reach up and try to unsnap the lead and BANG he head butts me again! By this time my bottle fed goat, Thistle, is trying to help me by climbing all over my back.

FINALLY Craig gets off the phone. He is just standing there and I hear, "That goat is kicking your ass." Real calm like. Here I am laying in the goat poop with one goat leaping and bounding around and one goat climbing all over me, trying to head butt the offending goat. I am laughing so hard that I couldn't have gotten up by myself even if I tried!! Still Craig is just standing there...

Apparently men don't offer to help in situations like these unless the damsel in distress actually ASKS for help. I think it might have something to do with the Feminist Movement, women are equal and all that =)

So I'm the Good Luck Chuck Girl but I say it's alright, life would be so boring around here if it wasn't for me and my antics!! Everyone sure does enjoy watching me with the animals, eating or just trying to walk from one place to another. There is always something to see!!


Susie said...

Coming to you via BPOTW. That is a hilarious!! I can just picture you sitting there! Hee, hee, hee.

Toots said...

Found you via BATW . . . this is a hillarious post! I mean, I really hope that you are okay and not seriously injured, but I'm thinking it was funny in the end . . .