Thursday, October 9, 2008

Puppy Time!

We had ourselves a little puppy time last night and I had to get some of it on film. Our German Shepherd puppy's ears are so funny right now, I couldn't resist a couple pictures of him!

Bishop is just 3 months old right now and pretty goofy looking. He is so HUGE that he trips over his own feet all the time. When he does, he usually falls down, then sighs and just lays there. It's all so much work!

Then Angus was pretty intent on getting my hubby to play with him too. He brought over his favorite toy (at the moment anyway) and threw it to him. My hubby picked it up and held it hostage for a little while. This drove poor Angus CRAZY!! He just sat there staring up at it...

Then he sprang into action!!

(This is all I got... my camera was offended that it had to work in the darkness of the house. It was NOT very co-operative!)

Then Angus sat and stared at Bishop...

Then he pounced!!

It was so funny when he would pounce on Bishop, but he was moving so fast that I had to have my hubby hold him for a second, so the slow moving camera could capture it.

It's amazing to me how big Bishop is! This litter of German Shepherds were born when Angus was just 3 months old. Angus was bigger than the puppies, but just barely! Then as the puppies grew Angus was right in there, wrestling (when the German Shepherds were just barely walking) and sleeping in the big puppy pile. It was a funny site. All these German Shepherd puppies sound asleep and then one little alien in there all fuzzy and definitely NOT a German Shepherd =) Now Bishop TOWERS over Angus. Sigh... time does fly!

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