Monday, October 20, 2008

'Old' Men Playing Basketball

Every Sunday all the long winter, we make the 35 mile drive to Missoula, so my Hubby can play basketball, or 'Old' Man Basketball (as I call it!).

This year their team is called, 'Elbow Room'. The Elbow Room Health Club is sponsoring this group of guys to play on the city league. Just to be clear, this is the Elbow Rooms logo...

The Elbow Room Health Club is a bar =) I thought this logo was pretty ingenious! It made me laugh...

So at these basketball games, the guys run up and down the court, red faced, huffing with their hair (if they are still blessed with hair) plastered to their heads with sweat. My Hubby loves to come running up the bleachers to try to hug me... yuck!

Some of the players are younger, college aged guys and some of them played ball on college teams in their younger years. One guy that played on their team last year was a local News Caster on the T.V. That's some pretty exciting stuff, huh?

I have to boast that my Hubby ranks right up there with the college guys as far as athletic prowess =)

A quick shout out to my cousin who recently moved to Florida... of all places!! Here is the TALLEST and most HANDSOME man!! I know you miss seeing him =)

This weeks opposing team was pretty good at both offense and defense and as I sat on the bleachers at half time, my Hubby's team was behind 18 to the other teams 30!! But as is the norm, Hubby's team bounced back in the second half to win by 4 points. And as usual it ended up being a pretty exciting game!

I'm mostly alone in the bleachers, my boys are usually off playing or being obnoxious, running around on the bleachers with their cowboy boots on. Great, huh! But I cheer and clap as loud as I can all by myself. I'm happy to report that the last two games, the Mom of one of the players on Hubby's team, came and cheered with me! We do the best we can.

I've been threatening to get a cheerleaders costume and some pom poms...


I can't resist posting these photos on my Hubby's post. I took these last night. Angus was being soooo cute trying to get Hubby to play fetch.

(As I'm typing this I can hear my two boys wrestling in the next room. There is a lot of 'POW', 'BAM', 'WACK!' and then I hear....

"You son of Odin!" coming from my 6 year old, directed at my 7 year old. Please.... I'm surrounded by Super Heroes. Hubby's superhero name is "HAWK MAN". Oh yes, this is serious business around here...)


~Trish~ said...

Why am I having thoughts of the movie Dodgeball??? LOL I think that's great he does it! Thanks for stopping by my Kansas blog today :)

Feeth said...

Wow! Thanks for the picture...there is a shortage of tall AND handsome men around here, at least not to Hubby's degree! LOL

PATTI said...

The picture, Mindy it has to be a sheet??